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We’re amplifying the creative writing voices of high school students with collaborative writing projects.

What We Do

We use writing to connect student writers in a larger mission of collaborative storytelling. This is a writers’ workout group where students can train their prose.

Each student, when it is their turn to write, will add on lines that develop the plot and display their voice, culminating in a fictional story that showcases a broad array of student voices.

It’s this simple:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Write your part.
  3. Read the finished piece.

Sign up to join The Prose Train. Want to say hi? Contact us here.

5 Reasons to Sign Up Now

  1. Improve Your Writing: Get extra writing experience (always a good thing!). Collaborative writing is a vastly different mental process than writing on your own, so you’ll gain skills of a different type of writing.
  2. Have Fun: Collaborative writing is meant to be a fun, stress-free experience. This is completely voluntary—no need to worry about grades or pressure to be the best. This is a safe, relaxed environment where you don’t need to fear corrosive criticism but are still faced with a challenge. You have no control over how the story will be written once it leaves your hands, and those endless possibilities are part of the beauty and fun of writing collectively!
  3. Learn From Others: Collectively break boundaries—your literary and creative constraints can be surmounted by others’ strengths. Learn from your peers. Be inspired by them. The story might be taken in ways you never expected!
  4. Form New Friendships: Connect with students who are also interested in writing by checking the box to be in a group chat when signing up. Get to know peer writers who are not in your school, but who love writing too. Develop a close bonding with writers you work with again and again.
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