Writers (in order): Allura, Brendan Lin, M.S., Rebekah Sung, Alyssa Tang, Irene Tsen, Rae neve, Mariarosa Cerritos, Najia S., Sophia H, Langston Wu. Editor: Ms. Ja.

I squinted in the darkness as my eyes adjusted to the black void. As I turned to look around, a glimmer caught my eye. I glanced away to see if there was anyone that might’ve fallen down behind me, only to see nothing. Taking a short breath, I walked towards the shining space.

The space was bright and blinded my eyes. I was only able to see the shape of a man. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I realized it was my love. As I approached him, there was this girl next to him. He was not alone. He had betrayed me.

Stopping in my tracks, I felt my blood run cold.


My voice failed me, coming out as merely a whisper.

“Amos, what is this?”

I strode towards the pair, struggling to keep my coat from flying away in the sudden breeze.

The girl looked like a deer caught in headlights, while Amos let go of her hand and shoved his own into his jacket pocket.

“How could you do this to me?” I hissed, eyes burning into his soul.

“Amos? Is that your new girlfriend?” Clara, Amos’ 10-year-old sister—who had walked over from a field where she was collecting flowers—asked curiously.

Oh, of course. Of course, it didn’t work. They had only reacted like that because they didn’t want Clara to know.

It hadn’t worked for the past four years; funny to think that it would work now, out of all times. But I needed him to see and hear that I was there! Right next to him. But Amos couldn’t hear me. No one could hear the pained screams that leaped out of me in misery. I wanted him to be happy. I really did. I knew I had to send him away, but—I just couldn’t bear to see him smiling at someone else like that. I just couldn’t leave yet.

“Oh, Clara! Let’s go home, it’s late,” Amos replied quickly.

They shared their quick goodbyes, but even in the midst of that quick encounter, I could see the care and love Amos had for her.

“So is she really your new girlfriend?” After a moment, Clara added, “But… what about Astrid?”

I froze when I heard Clara say my name. My name hadn’t been mentioned since I died four years ago, so I couldn’t help but expect a response from Amos; fearful anticipation ate my heart away as every second passed.

“Clara, honey… Astrid is dead. I miss her, of course, every single day. But, she’s not coming back.”

I knew that the blood rushing in my ears wasn’t real. I had no body or blood to speak of anymore. But, this vessel allowed me to steal these ephemeral glances at Amos as I waited in this endless abyss.

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