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We’re redefining high school writing with collaborative writing projects.

What We Do

We’re a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit connecting student writers in a larger mission of collaborative storytelling. This is a writers’ workout group where students train their prose.

Each writer adds 2–15 sentences to continue the story. The final product: A Prosetrain—a story of distinctive voices from creative minds.

It’s this simple:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Write your part.
  3. Read the finished piece.

*Sign up to train your prose.* Want to say hi? Contact us here.

By The Numbers

701 writers

394 schools

51 countries

57 published stories

What Writers are Saying

“It’s always fun and exiting to see what everyone else brings to the table. The end result is totally different from what I would have written alone. The Prose Train encourages me to think fast and build on top of the work of others.”

Nina Li, Gunn HS, 4x Prosetrainer

“It’s been amazing to see the magic that happens in writing when writers from different backgrounds come together to combine unique ideas that in the end create a masterpiece!”

Andrea Esparza, 3x Prosetrainer

“Low effort and high reward.”

Janus, 4x Prosetrainer

“The Prose Train has been a really great space for me when it comes to collaboration and creativity while not being too stressful. Writing with so many people has been a really great way to learn about new ideas, unique perspectives and to develop my literary skills. On top of that, the end products are always such a blast to read and something I continue to want to be a part of. So if you are looking for a place to write and have some fun, I would highly suggest joining The Prose Train!”

Langston Wu, 5x Prosetrainer

“I absolutely love this project and I think it’s so creative and fun. Everyone should participate!”

Maya Ma, 1x Prosetrainer

4 Reasons to Sign Up Now

  1. Write better. Gain writing experience you won’t find elsewhere. Collaborative writing is a vastly different mental process than writing on your own, so you’ll develop skills of a different type of writing.
  2. Have fun. Participation is completely voluntary, so don’t stress about grades or pressure to be the best. But you’re still faced with a challenge because you have no control over the story once it leaves your hands. Those limitless possibilities are part of the beauty and fun of writing with others.
  3. Learn from others. Collectively break boundaries—your literary and creative constraints can be others’ strengths. Learn from your peers. Be inspired by them. The story might be taken in directions you never expected!
  4. Form new friendships. Get to know peer writers who live plane flights away but love writing too. Join a community that dares to challenge what writing can be.

Writing doesn’t have to be a solo practice. You don’t want to miss this train.

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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” —Ryunosuke Sataro

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